Manychat is my favorite platform when building chatbots for Facebook Messenger because it comes with a visual flow builder which allows to just drag and drop elements into my automations, without having technical knowledge.

I love chat marketing because you know exactly which person is where on his customer journey because you’re having 1–1 conversations with them, even when it’s all automated.

One day a restaurant client asked me if he can receive a notification that doesn’t stop reminding him until switched off when a new online order comes in. …

As chatbot developer located outside the US I’m facing a difficult decision to make.

In which language will I develop my chatbot?

First I focussed on my local french market, buying the best restaurant chatbot templates in english and then translating them.

Then I added a lot of new features into the template and realized that all of a sudden I attract US clients too. At this point I decided to play a bit around and created, just for fun and to help other people, some random explainer videos in the Botsheets community based on what people where struggling with.

All of the sudden I had english and…

Adjunga Nossin

Chat Marketing Passionate, specialized on Messenger bots for Restaurants

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