How to send Push Notifications to Clients and Admins in Manychat with Pushover?

Adjunga Nossin
7 min readOct 13, 2020

Manychat is my favorite platform when building chatbots for Facebook Messenger because it comes with a visual flow builder which allows to just drag and drop elements into my automations, without having technical knowledge.

I love chat marketing because you know exactly which person is where on his customer journey because you’re having 1–1 conversations with them, even when it’s all automated.

One day a restaurant client asked me if he can receive a notification that doesn’t stop reminding him until switched off when a new online order comes in. Unfortunately, Manychats build in “notify admin” action only sends a single message in facebook that can easily be overheard in the heat of a restaurants kitchen.

Something else was required, something that’s not coming build in with Manychat.

Something that:

  • a sound that breaks through the noise,
  • repeats until acknowledgement,
  • is being received on multiple devices at the same time and
  • is working with any device (Android, iOS or Desktop).

That’s when I found the Pushover App and used it to build a “Better Notify” App for Manychat

Better Notify integrates Pushover with Manychat

The app is available in Manychats Appstore. In this guide you’ll learn how to setup the Better Notify App in your Manychat Account.

Step 1: Sign in to Pushover

Next, head over to and signup for a free account. They will send you an email that you must confirm to activate your account.

Once logged in you’ll see your User Key right away in the dashboard.

This key is required when setting up the ‘Better Notify’ Actions in Manychat to to tell pushover who is receiving those notifications. If you want to send notifications to a group of people instead you’ll need to create a group key instead which is explained at the end of this…

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