How to send Push Notifications to Clients and Admins in Manychat with Pushover?

Manychat is my favorite platform when building chatbots for Facebook Messenger because it comes with a visual flow builder which allows to just drag and drop elements into my automations, without having technical knowledge.

I love chat marketing because you know exactly which person is where on his customer journey because you’re having 1–1 conversations with them, even when it’s all automated.

One day a restaurant client asked me if he can receive a notification that doesn’t stop reminding him until switched off when a new online order comes in. Unfortunately, Manychats build in “notify admin” action only sends a single message in facebook that can easily be overheard in the heat of a restaurants kitchen.

Something else was required, something that’s not coming build in with Manychat.

Something that:

  • a sound that breaks through the noise,
  • repeats until acknowledgement,
  • is being received on multiple devices at the same time and
  • is working with any device (Android, iOS or Desktop).
Better Notify integrates Pushover with Manychat

The app is available in Manychats Appstore. In this guide you’ll learn how to setup the Better Notify App in your Manychat Account.

Step 1: Sign in to Pushover

Next, head over to and signup for a free account. They will send you an email that you must confirm to activate your account.

Once logged in you’ll see your User Key right away in the dashboard.

This key is required when setting up the ‘Better Notify’ Actions in Manychat to to tell pushover who is receiving those notifications. If you want to send notifications to a group of people instead you’ll need to create a group key instead which is explained at the end of this article.

Find your User Key after Login in your Dashboard

Step 2: Save your User Key to a Bot Field

So that you don’t have to remember your user key for every push notification store it in a Bot Field in Manychat.

Step 3: Create your “Better Notify” App Token

Now you need to create the ‘Better Notify’ App and Token that will tell pushover who is sending the notification.

Click “Create an Application/API Token” and Name your App “Better Notify App”. If you want to add your branding upload a square image with your logo on it.

Then, hit the checkbox to confirm to Pushovers Terms of Service and create your application.

You’ll see a nice dashboard where you can check your message stats. You can send up to 7,500 message per month for free. That‘s a lot keeping in mind that you need only one notification per order, right ;-)

Step 4: Install the “Better Notify” App in Your Manychat Account

Go to the Manychat App Store and install the “Better Notify”. The installation Wizard will ask you on which facebook page you want to use it and you just need to connect it.

Manychats installation wizard will prompt you to enter your Application Key. Paste your Better Notify Application Token you just created over there.

At this point Manychat is ready to send push notifications. In flow builder you should see a new action.

After Installation a new Action Type can be selected in Manychats flow builder

Step 5: Install the Pushover Application on your devices

The application comes for iOS, Android, Desktop (via browser) and also newer versions of MacOs (v10.9 Mavericks or higher).

You can have multiple devices that receive your notifications all together.

Simply go to and download and install the app on all devices where you want to receive them.

For each device you’ll need a license that comes with a 7 day trial. After that period you must to activate your license for a one time fee of $4.99 per device if you want to continue to receive notifications on it.

Open the app, login with your password, give your device a name and you’re done. Do that with as many devices as you need.

If you want to receive notifications on a desktop it is equally simple.

Just give your device a name and hit “Register Web Browser”. On the following page hit “OK, let’s get started!” and then “autorise” in the little notification box that comes up.

Step 6: Let’s send some messages

Well done so far. All of the previous things are just done once.

You’re ready for a test, just play around with the flow linked below.

In most cases the Normal Notification is fine.

If you need to repeat notifications until they are acknowledged use the Emergency Notification. Specify how after how many seconds it should repeat and after how many second the message expires (stops to retry).

The Silent Notification uses just is send silently to your pushover app without sound or vibration at all.

The Sales Notification comes with a nice kha-ching sound if you sell things in your bot and wanna have some fun.

For Normal, Silent and Sales notifications the form is exactly the same.

You just enter the name of the custom field that contains your Pushover user key (if you created that during setup as described in this guide).

Enter a Message Title.

When entering your message it expects a custom field. But you can just enter text by selecting “Use custom value “ … as you see in the left.

Once that is setup you can still add custom fields to enrich the notification with more data like to make it more useful.

The emergency notifications are setup the same way except that they need two additional information:

The interval in which the app sends another sound reminder if the message was not acknowledged.

The number of seconds until the message expires (the app stops to resend the sound reminders).

In this example you see also how the optional URL field is used to send the Link to a google sheet along with the message for easy access to more details concerning the event.

The advanced Notifications are exaclty like the predefined notifications except that they allow you to choose from 21 different sounds plus vibrate only and no signal at all.

You can preview all sounds at

The exact description of the 5 priority levels can be found here:

Advanced Custom Emergency Notifications are setup just like Advanced Notifications except that again they need the resend and the expire values as additional information.

That’s it, for most of the use cases. Well done, have fun testing it.

Can I send the notification to a group of people all at once, for example my support team?

Yes, that is totally possible.

In that case you’ll need to send the message to a group key instead of a user key. All the rest stays the same.

So here’s how to create a group key.

In your dashboard click on “create a group”.

The following dialog allows you to paste as much user keys as you want into that group. You can specify which of their devices will receive them and can enter their names for more simplified handling.

Once created the group key can be used to broadcast push notification to all group members, even to all devices of all group members at once.

I hope you found this setup and usage guide for Better Notify useful. It’s the easiest way to integrate Manychat with Pushover.

If you wanna test it out simply install it from ManyChats Appstore:

If you’ve questions left open don’t hesitate to contact me directly on facebook.

Chat Marketing Passionate, specialized on Messenger bots for Restaurants

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